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Name:Lyra Archer
Birthdate:Sep 15
Location:Texas, United States of America
When I was little I wanted to be a mermaid. Then I grew up and wanted to be a princess. Then I grew up and just wanted a job. Now...I just wanna grow up and maybe be a mermaid.

I write, play video games, read incessantly, dance sometimes, sing only in the shower, attempt to spoil my cats (who are my children) as much as possible, and try to make sense of this business of being an adult. In short I am a girl and a nerd and one of those all elusive north american wild female nerds.

PS- Cleolinda Jones may in fact be my idol.

Interests (42):

alison weir's books, all american rejects, attending nerd conventions & renaissance faires, breaking benjamin, cosplaying, costuming, criminal minds, dancing, dr who, eating cookies for breakfast, fencing, fiction, flyleaf, harry potter, hinoi team, historical fiction, jane austen's works, law & order, lolcats, lord of the rings, manga, novels, paramore, pride & prejudice, pucca, reading, scifi, sewing, silversun pickups, star trek tng, star wars, studio ghibli's, tartanic, the big bang theory, the bildge pumps, tudor books (all kinds), tudor history, tv watching, video games, web comics, wicca, writing
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